Cylinder Kit- 68cc (Iron,10mm pin) Minarelli AC, (NCY Brand)

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NCY 47mm Cast Iron Jog/Minarelli 2-stroke Cylinder w/o Head (reuse your stock head). This cast iron, 2-ring kit is Ideal for bikes intended for more regular use.
A simple bolt on 72 cc kit for minarelli based, air cooled, 2-stroke scooters with a 10mm wrist pin. Don't forget that with every 2-stroke cylinder kit upgrade, it’s necessary to either supplement the stock oil injection system with about a tablespoon of two stroke oil in your gas tank every fill up or eliminate the injection syetem and pre-mix. We recommend Ipone oils for all of NCY's big bore kits. Both 1400-1005, City Oil 2 and OIL-IPCITY, Scoot City Strawberry Synthetic are great options.

Also, don't forget to up-jet your carburetor. We recommend starting your jetting rich and then working your way down to the perfect mix.

 AC Iron Cylinder Kit
 47mm Bore (68cc with stock stroke)
 5 Transfer Ports
 10mm Wrist Pin
 2 Compression Rings
 Open Exhaust Port

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