Cylinder Kit, Polini - Primavera, ET3 (130cc)

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"This cast-iron kit has more power in the midrange and lower end than the Malossi, and is a great all-around cylinder. Highly recommended, especially for touring.

We highly recommend the Polini or Leo Vinci exhaust with this kit. A great 24mm carb upgrade is available too.

This kit will fit on all Primavera and ET3 scooters, and also post-1965 Vespa 90. Additionally it will fit on some Vespa 50, but we recommend upgrading your gearing on 50cc engines at the same time.You will need four long cylinder studs and a Primavera shroud to use on these models.

Will not fit 63-64 Vespa 90. Sorry, there is no cylinder kit available for those years!

Replacement pistons can be purchased here:
Standard size
First oversize
Second oversize

Replacement rings can be purchased here:
Standard size
First oversize

Performance upgrades are considered racing parts and are not covered by warranty. There are too many variables involved with user-installed parts, and pushing the limits of your engine tends to wear parts faster. Use at your own risk!

Looking for more performance upgrades? We also sell a Vespa 50 basic performance kit, a Primavera/ET3 performance kit, and a Vespa 50 high performance kit that include this cylinder!

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