Cylinder w/ Head AC(Ceramic, 12 mm pin); Yamaha/Minarell, (NCY Brand)

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NCY 47.6mm Ceramic Air Cooled Jog/Minarelli 2-stroke Cylinder with Head.

If you are a racer or you see yourself as a racer when you look in the mirror in the morning, then this ceramic, 47.6mm bolt on minarelli based cylinder kit is just what the doctor ordered. This NCY big bore kit has some of the most aggressive porting we've ever seen. The ceramic coat allows for the engine to run a much higher RPM then normal which will get you that extra fire that you've been itching for on the go-cart tracks.

Don't forget that with every 2-stroke cylinder kit upgrade, its necessary to put a tablespoon or so of two stroke oil in your gas tank with every fill up. We recommend Ipone oils for all of NCY's big bore kits. In this case, we suggest using Ipone Stroke 2 Racing Oil, Part Number 1400-1004 because of the kit's aggressive nature.

Also, don't forget when putting a larger cylinder on your scooter, to up-jet your carburetor. We recommend starting your jetting rich and then working your way down to the perfect mix. This kit will only work on scooters with a 12mm Wrist Pin.

 AC Ceramic Plated Aluminum Cylinder Kit
 47.6mm Bore (69.6cc with stock stroke)
 5 Transfer Ports
 12mm Wrist Pin
 Single Compression Ring
 Bridged Exhaust Port

CPI/Keeway 50cc 2t
Most 50cc Minarelli/Jog/1PE40QMB based engine with 12mm wrist pin including all Qianjiang 2-stroke scooters (Keeway, Yamamti, Strada), CPI 2t, and TNG 2t

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