Ignition Coil - Direct; Universal Application, (NCY Brand)

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So you've built your kitted 2T or stroker 4T scoot. It's a high compression fire-breathing beast or maybe you're running a boosted power plant, either way, you need strong spark. You've been making due with a "performance HT coil and wire" set-up but it's just not giving you that extra sumthin-sumthin you were hoping for. Bring your scooter to the 21st Century! NCY's Coil-on-Plug ignition system provides 10kV more per spark and optimum timing precision over a conventional HT lead. The build quality on this is second-to-none!

What does this mean for you?

•  Hotter Spark
•  Cleaner Burns=less smoke (especially 2T)
•  Quicker Acceleration
•  Higher Top-Speeds
•  Engine Eye-Candy

Overall, you will see the ability to build a more aggressive and more efficient ride!!

Includes: Coil Assembly, Bracket(can be modified for your needs),fasteners.

We recommend this be installed by a professional. This item is a performance electronic item, as such it is


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